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About Gisha Exchange

Geisha Exchange, managed by Mr. Ali Akbar Tehrani, with more than 10 years of experience in providing exchange services in Toronto, is ready to provide services to its customers without any geographical restrictions or complications.
This collection has been registered in Canada with the purpose of converting and transferring all valid currencies to all parts of the world by obtaining the necessary permits.
Our colleagues at Geisha Exchange are proudly ready to serve with the aim of creating peace and security of mind for their customers.

Canadian License

All necessary documents for providing foreign exchange services in Canada have been obtained


No Hidden Costs

Making currency transfers in a completely transparent manner


Fast Services

Performing all kinds of foreign exchange and Rial services in the shortest time


Secure Money Transfer

Carrying out financial transactions without geographical restrictions

Gisha Exchange Top Services

For your convenience, we offer various foreign exchange services in different parts of the world

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    Fast Transaction

    Perform foreign exchange services in the fastest time

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    With more than 10 years of experience in Toronto

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    Currency Exchange

    Convert all currencies around the world

  • Cooperation With Immigration Offices

    Deposit the amount to carry out immigration affairs

  • Cryptocurrency Services

    Ability to convert currency to other currencies

  • Free Consultation

    Our experts are ready to advise you


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Contact us for advice, buying and converting currency and doing your currency remittances

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